SAS Services, Inc. provides free french drain estimates for Warren homeowners.  For over 25 years we’ve provided services such as french drains to the greater Metro Detroit area. We offer the best systems available for Warren homeowners and businesses.

Michigan heavy rain and snow melt can lead to water accumulating in your yard, which creates puddles and large areas of mud or standing water. When water cannot drain away from the yard, it can flow toward the home, resulting in flooding and water damage. To protect the foundation of your home from ongoing damage, a  French drain can be installed to redirect the flow of water away from your Warren home.


Warren French Drains

A French drain is a simple trench dug in the ground in the most problematic areas of your yard. The trench is filled with a perforated pipe wrapped in water-permeable fabric, and the pipe is covered with several layers of stone or gravel. French drain systems work because gravity causes the water to flow downhill, and water always follows the path of least resistance. Call the SAS team to build a French drain in your yard to help protect your home.


Keep Your Michigan Basement Dry

It’s true are few things sadder than Michigan residences discovering a wet basement. It’s especially true after a strong rain. Basement flooding, which now is now beyond just a little water.

There are several things you can before you begin to dry out your basement. As soon as you see water, stop and make sure to shut off any power around the area. Never enter a wet or flooded area while the electricity to your home is on.

If you are not sure how to shut these areas off, call a qualified electrician before entering the basement to make an assessment, and start work.

As soon as you notice water, take action. If we have a spring rain or storm, which can cause basement flooding, wait until it’s passed before getting to work on your basement.

Keep yourself protected. Regardless of the water source, wear boots and gloves and a protective mask if necessary. If you are dealing with basement flooding and not just water, hip or chest waders may also be helpful, if they are available.

Take care when walking and moving around the flooded area, it will likely be slippery.

If possible, verify the source of the water. If a burst pipe is the cause of the flood, shut off water to the basement. It’s important, before there is a problem, to know where your home water valve is in your home.

If your Michigan basement has a floor drain, check it to ensure it is not clogged and if it is the cause the basement flooding. Always Keep your drain open and clear of debris to help drain standing water from your basement.

If the flooding is over a few inches, it is wise to have a professional inspect your basement. You want to make sure to stop any major damage in its tracks. It is common for unattended Michigan basements to develop mold and mildew, which can lead to health problems.

Keep your home and family safe, call SAS Waterproofing Services.