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Can Soil Erosion Cause Foundation Problems?

Can Soil Erosion Cause Foundation Problems?

Stemming from the continuous changes in soil conditions due to various issues, erosion could be highly problematic for a home’s foundation. Foundation erosion is directly connected to the changing seasonal weather that affects soil conditions. And in Michigan, the seasons change at a whim – in the morning, it could be snowing, and by the afternoon, warm and sunny. There’s a running joke for Michiganders about the weather that states if you do not like the weather, wait a minute.

Over time, your Michigan basement’s original protections fail as soil erodes, cement cracks, foundations move, and barriers fail. Poor maintenance and ignoring early signs of basement water penetration aggravate the problem. Acting quickly with a proven and patented solution from SAS Services, Inc. will save you money in the long run and protect your investment.

How do you fix soil erosion around a foundation?

Always work with a professional to address soil erosion around a foundation. SAS Services, Inc. provides free basement waterproofing estimates, foundation inspections, and written estimates to homeowners with wet basements, nasty crawl spaces, mold, and bowed & cracked foundation walls.

Michigan heavy rain and snow melt can lead to water accumulating in your yard, which creates puddles and large areas of mud or standing water. When water cannot drain away from the yard, it can flow toward the home, resulting in flooding and water damage. To protect the foundation of your home from ongoing damage, a French drain can be installed to redirect the flow of water away from your Warren home.

In addition to the French drainage system, here are a few more to consider, along with descriptions:

The right one for your project depends on numerous factors, but here are five popular types of drainage systems:

  1. Trench Drains – The most popular type is the grated trench drain system. This type uses a system of trenches and grates to move water towards an underground pipe, which is usually sent to a water outlet or another acceptable area.
  2. Slot Drains – These drains work much like grated trench drains, except they don’t need the grate. Instead, with a slimmer design, they generally go into the floor or ground without a covering. Slot drains are a popular design for sanitary drains, commonly found in food preparation warehouses or other buildings that require top-tier sanitation. They are usually made from stainless steel to avoid corrosion and bacteria build-up.
  3. HDPE Drains – HDPE stands for “high-density polyethylene drains.” This type of drain is a prefabricated systems and works like trench drains but do not have to be built. Instead, they are put in the ground and designed around.
  4. French Drains – We use this system most commonly for residential projects to redirect water away from landscaping and homes. These systems use a series of pipes to move water runoff away from the property and towards the sewage, swale, or cistern. Again, a knowledgeable landscaping company will acknowledge this before breaking any ground.
  5. Swale Drainage System – Swale systems are not much more than a shallow ditch lined with grass (or other vegetation) to prevent puddling and flooding and are used more for landscaping than construction.

Can you fix your foundation yourself?

Foundation repair is complex and should not be a DIY type of project, as competency in this area requires years of on-the-job experience. Of course, some repairs homeowners could successfully do themselves. Although crack repair using either crack injection epoxy or carbon fiber reinforcement is not too difficult, but does require a pro.

This type of foundation repair is a serious business that should only be left to the professionals because the foundation of a home is what supports the entire structure and ensures its stability. If there is any damage or issues with the foundation, there could be severe consequences for the safety and structural integrity of the home.

If you attempt to fix foundation problems yourself, you can bet it will most likely lead to further damage and complications. Without the proper knowledge, tools, and expertise, DIY attempts could exacerbate any existing issues, resulting in costly repairs that could have been avoided. Foundation repair requires a deep understanding of soil mechanics, structural engineering principles, and specialized techniques.

Foundation problems arise due to various factors, including but not limited to:

  • Soil erosion
  • Settlement
  • Shifting
  • Water penetration

Addressing these issues requires a thorough assessment, identify of underlying causes, as well as the implementation of appropriate repair techniques. As a professional foundation repair company, we have extensive experience, access to advanced equipment, and the necessary materials to identify and fix problems accurately.

Moreover, professionals undergo rigorous training and stay up to date with the latest industry standards and best practices. They have the necessary licensing and certifications to perform foundation repairs safely and effectively. Trusting your foundation repair to a professional ensures that the job is done right the first time, minimizing the risk of further damage and the need for costly repairs in the future.

Additionally, the most crucial aspect of hiring professionals for foundation repair is the fact that they offer warranties and guarantees. Reputable companies will stand behind the work and not have a problem guaranteeing their services.

Can soil erosion cause foundation problems?

Remember, soil erosion could have detrimental effects on a home’s foundation; thus, it is essential to address any issues immediately, only with the help of professionals who will provide effective solutions. Entrusting foundation repair to experts ensures long-term stability, prevents further damage, and guarantees the safety of your home. Investing in professional foundation repair will save you time, money, and potential headaches in the future.

In conclusion, selecting a suitable basement waterproofing contractor to let into your home is a significant decision. SAS Services, Inc. and our patented basement waterproofing solutions respect you and your home. We only use ethical sales practices and honor warranties and guarantees without hassle. Our staff follows clear rules of respect, responsibility, and integrity. We treat you the way we’d want our own families treated. We service our residential and commercial customers throughout Wayne, Macomb, Oakland Counties, and beyond.

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