Contact Masonry contractors for those tough cement porches and basement waterproofing

Dear Glenn: I have a ranch home built in 1976 from reclaimed brick. I have tuckpointed the porch slab twice in the six years we’ve owned the house. The last time was two years ago. The gap between the slab and top row of bricks has grown, ranging from 2 millimeters to almost 5 millimeters in some places. The slab cracked along an expansion joint for the first time. What companies do this work? What are the typical options (e.g., mudjacking, digging-out the porch and re-doing it)? The house is in a wet area with the foundation having been resealed and a basement waterproofing system (EverDry) installed. Also, should I be concerned about mudjacking materials getting in the internal drain tiles? Rob, Detroit Dear Rob: Contact masonry contractors who do a lot of porches, SAS Basement Waterproofing (800-894-5115, and KC Masonry (877-MASONRY, www.kcmason No need to worry about mudjacking material getting into the internal drain.

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