Dewatering systems can help solve waterproofing problems

Dear Glenn: I have a bungalow in Royal Oak that was built in the late 1940s. We have a problem with water coming up from the cracks in the floor, as well as along the edge where the wall meets the floor. The basement floor is exposed and unfinished. I looked into a sump pump but was concerned that the water would not flow to a pump due to the fact that the floor was poured over a thin layer of tinder as opposed to gravel. I have adjusted the grade on the outside of the house and extended my downspouts. The problem is isolated to the late winter and early spring when the earth is more saturated. Can you recommend a remedy as well as a reputable company that would do such work? Jeff, Birmingham Dear Jeff: It sounds like a dewatering system is needed. There are two companies I would call. Steve Safie at SAS Basement Waterproofing, (800) 225-5727;, and Bob Genord at Foundation Systems of Michigan, (877) 379-6424;

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