Fix elevated Radon levels and basement water problem before buying the house

Dear Glenn: I am in the process of purchasing a house in Rochester Hills, which was built in the mid-?60s. During the building inspection, two things were discovered: a radon reading of 12.8 and standing water in the unfinished cement block basement. These may or may not be related issues. My inspector said there is a fair chance that by rerouting the downspouts in the affected area of the house and regrading a section of the yard may solve the water problem since an area of the back yard does slope down toward the house. I have no idea of what type of contractor to contact for an opinion and quote for this situation. Can you lead me in the right direction? ? Amy, (Hopefully) Rochester Hills Dear Amy: Call SAS Waterproofing, (800) 894-5115, for a good analysis of the water problem. The Radon level is high. SAS can probably fix that also. You definitely will have to regrade the back yard at a minimum. Check with some landscape architects about the cost of doing that. Remember: There are a lot of houses in Rochester Hills. Don?t buy this one until you know all the problems are fixed.

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