If you don’t like the price, get other quotes on basement drainage system

By Glenn Haege / Special to The Detroit News
Dear Glenn: I need detailed info on putting a drainage system in my basement. My basement is block and I want to put a system in to collect the water and flow it to a sump pump. I had a bid to do this, and it was $5500.00. It did not sound that hard to me and they said they could do it in two days. It involved cutting out a trough 18-inches deep around the perimeter of the basement and bringing it to the sump. — Michael, Garden City Dear Michael: It sure sounds like hard work to me. This is not a do-it-yourself project. Your problem is sticker shock. If you don’t like the price, get other quotes from firms like Affordable Dry Basements, (800) 310-5700, and SAS, (800) 895-5115.

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