Infrared Services of Michigan can help solve your chimney roof leak problems

Dear Glenn: I have a home that was built in 1928. Approximately 15 years ago the chimney was damaged from a tree. I had the tree removed and the chimney rebuilt. About 4 years ago I started getting water damage in the bedroom on the second floor around the chimney. I had contractors look at the problem and the consensus was that I had to have the chimney reflashed and tuck pointed. I spent $2,100 for the repairs and thought I was all set. Less than 6 months later the bedroom ceiling started showing water damage again. I called my contractor out and he said he would return in the spring to revisit the problem. Unfortunately he passed away during the winter. I just had another contractor out today and without going up on the roof, he is saying that the flashing was done incorrectly and it will need to be redone. I need to know if there is someone in this area that will give me an honest estimate of what needs to be done. Doug, Detroit Dear Doug: First I would call Infrared Services of Michigan, (810) 329-9033,, and have them come out and shoot the roof with an infrared camera. That way, you will know where the leak is. Then call SAS Construction, (800) 225-5727,, and have them perform the fix.

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