Look for specialized repairmen when filling basement cracks

Dear Glenn: I am trying to help my dad find a reputable contractor to fix a basement crack. My dad’s house is a small ranch that was built in 1960. The crack is high on the north wall near the chimney clean out. It’s only a quarter of an inch in diameter, but he thinks it’s quite deep. It has only leaked once during a driving rain. He wants to fix it before it becomes a bigger problem. Can you suggest someone in the area who can fill this kind of a crack? Dear Lynn: Here are names of a couple of companies that specialize in crack repair. B-Dry System of Wayne County, (800) 635-8130, www.b-dry.com. Another good company is S.A.S. Services, (800) 894-5115, www.sasbasementwaterproofing.com. They have been fixing basement leaks since 1983.

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